Think a Key West vacation isn't possible on a budget? Think again. While it's true that the island has its share of ritzy resorts and high-priced hotels, it's also home to plenty of locally-owned motels that provide lodging at a spectacular value. Save your money for deep-sea diving, boat rentals, or the fabulous island cuisine found in Key West's many restaurants. There's no reason you can't find a budget-friendly motel on the island.

Most of Key West's motels are owned by local island residents, so in addition to supporting the local economy, you'll be staying with staff that are almost guaranteed to have fountains of Key West insider knowledge. Ask the owners or staff about their favorite local shops and restaurants. Inquire about where the cheapest seafood is and which bars have the best drink specials. Chances are, you'll find an off-the-beaten-path gem that you'll likely never find in a guidebook.

Hotels In Key West, Fla

When you are visiting Key West, Fla, you'll never find it difficult to have a great time and a great room to stay in, as the city offers so much for so many. Let us help you plan your visit to Key West, Fla.

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