Vacation at Key West, FL. Cheap hotels.?

Question by Take this life: Vacation at Key West, FL. Cheap hotels.?
Me and my mom are going on vacation on saturday, and we’re (maybe, only if we find cheap hotels) going to Key West, in Florida. To spend some time together, and maybe go shopping and have a nice time together. But so far I can’t really find any hotels in that area that are cheap not 10 dollars a night cheap but pretty cheap. So do any of you know of some websites or hotels in Key West that are reasonable?

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Answer by Beckers
My husband is originally from Key West so I’ve been there several times for vacation. I hate to tell you this, but there is no such thing as cheap lodging there. We have stayed at some of the more reasonably priced hotels and there are bed and breakfasts everywhere. Just look online for Key West Hotels and check out the prices. I personally have stayed at the Ocean Breeze Inn and we found it lovely without being too extravagant.

They have a Days Inn and Best Western.

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